You Can't Change Anyone But Yourself

Thinking we can change someone is never a good idea. Even as…

Homesick for Soul

This morning inspiration struck so I pulled up my personal…

Falling in Love with Soul

Ahhh…to fall deeply in love with soul—not many have considered…

Rape, Rage, and the Monster

There are timeless myths and stories that speak to the horror…
Painting of Woman Reading

Changing Your Life, One Visionary Story at a Time…

This morning I was talking to a writing pal. We had a passionate…
Writing Book on Laptop

Top 10 Tips for Writers

A few useful insights for my aspiring authors out there.
New York Book Awards

Wow, We Won!

This incredible honor is truly humbling and very exciting.
Spiritual Hands Drawing

Heal Your Spiritual Energy

Simple ways to delve deeper into our energetic nature.