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Welcome to the visionary world of author/psychologist, Paul DeBlassie III, Ph.D. This writer’s virtual realm was established to serve fans of not just his published works, but of visionary/metaphysical fiction as a whole. Notable authors, critics, and voices within the literary world have already praised Paul’s novels, The Unholy, Goddess of the Wild Thing, and Goddess of Everything as “riveting,” “empowering,” and “brilliant.” If exploring mystical landscapes and natural magic ignite your imagination, you’ve come to the right place.

Take a moment to browse the various pages of this site – learn about Paul’s books, what inspires his writing, and how his visions come to be. See for yourself why he has quickly become recognized and respected within the literary thriller community. With decades of clinical practice, the author delivers a brilliant dimension of psychological storytelling to each and every page. On your personal journey of discovering new fantasy writers, make today the day that changed it all.

Featured Books

Goddess of Everything

A tale of one mother’s affection for her son and his struggle for truth, freedom, and love.

Goddess of the Wild Thing

A magical, supernatural journey of life, love, and wicked power.

The Unholy

The story of one woman’s fateful battle to uncover her true destiny.

What They’re Saying

DeBlassie uses his in-depth understanding of human emotions in Goddess of Everything. In a novel rich with Latinx mythology and psychic gifts, he plots a course for us to escape such abuse and heal.

Theresa Crater, Ph.D.
Theresa Crater, Ph.D.Series Author, Power Places and Mystic Assassin

Goddess of Everything, by Dr. DeBlassie, is a fascinating short read that commences eloquently with a perfect epigraph and an exquisite prologue, preparing the reader for what’s ahead.

Dr. Hussam Atef Elkhatib
Dr. Hussam Atef ElkhatibAuthor, Who Are We

A vibrant, dramatic and disturbing novel packed with religious fervor, obsession, magic realism and horror. DeBlassie brings both the natural and supernatural elements of the desert of New Mexico alive in the mind of the reader.

Isobel Blackthorn, Ph.D.
Isobel Blackthorn, Ph.D.Author, Unlikely Occultist

Paul DeBlassie III has an extraordinary ability to pull the reader into his mythical world, and the special effect depictions could easily match up with some of the most gruesome horror stories on film.

Tamara Ferguson
Tamara FergusonAcclaimed Author, Tales of the Dragonfly

Paul DeBlassie III has a wicked gift for writing psychological thrillers. His writing is rich with supernatural symbolism and, when all is resolved, deeply empowering.

Uvi Poznansky
Uvi PoznanskyBestselling Author, A Peek at Bathsheba

Goddess of the Wild Thing by Paul DeBlassie III couples his in-depth knowledge of the human mind and behavior with his love for lore […] that will keep you turning the page.

Luna Saint Claire
Luna Saint ClaireNoted Author, The Sleeping Serpent

For centuries we’ve struggled with whether bad love is better than no love. In this paranormal thriller, a fierce woman tackles the question with determination and fire.

Rayna Noire
Rayna NoireSeries Author, Pagan Eyes

Goddess of the Wild Thing […] will have rave reviews flooding in. The moment I started, I was caught up on the wild side. The characters came to life. The story took hold. I was hooked.

David P. Perlmutter
David P. PerlmutterBestselling Author, Wrong Place, Wrong Time

Dr. DeBlassie conjures a paranormal thriller in which a woman’s life depends on discovering whether bad love is better than no love. Goddess of the Wild Thing left me breathless and stunned!

Lorraine Carey
Lorraine CareyYoung Adult Author, Jonathan’s Locket

The book digs deep into legend, folklore, and the author’s own imagination to paint a stirring picture of a traditional curanderismo pitted against the oppressive forces of institutional religious power.

Stephan V. Beyer
Stephan V. BeyerAuthor, Singing to the Plants

The Unholy, an excellent novel by Paul DeBlassie III, keeps the reader engaged throughout in mystery, suspense, and church politics. It exposes and strengthens the traditional work of the medicine women of the Southwest.

Eliseo "Cheo" Torres
Eliseo "Cheo" TorresAuthor, Curandero: A Life In Mexican Folk Healing

Paul DeBlassie III has captured the energy and challenges of shamanic healing practices in a book that will keep people reading long into the night. Paul is the real deal. Enjoy a great read!

Jim Graywolf Petruzzi
Jim Graywolf PetruzziAuthor, White Man, Red Road, Five Colors