Return to Your Own Center

We learn from healers, teachers, wise women, and men. Then we return to self to see, hear, feel, and live out the wisdom in our own way. Supernatural tales usher us into dark realms where wisdom must be sought and found. Life depends on it! Then wisdom must be lived out uniquely, from your own center.

When reading novels, our deep imagination takes hold. It moves us beyond our conscious mind. As a psychologist/writer, I sense the emotional currents and psychic images in the stories I write. As in Goddess of the Wild Thing, the characters come in vivid images, dreams, and intuitive flashes. They pop forward to the front of my imagination and whisper: This is me, write about me, I’ll guide you.

In metaphysical stories, the characters have a message. The message is for you and me. It’s one of the dark paths and light in the distance. We have to go to the course, and the way can be fraught with troubles. But there’s a payoff — not guaranteed, but definitely there for the soul who stays the course and does not give up.

Those who make it often turn to a teacher, a spiritual guide. Without a person who listens, understands, and can pass on the light, we often can’t find our way, our light. Things are too bleak and too dark to get along without help. The story of Goddess of the Wild Thing starts with the light going out on love. There’s no love, been no love, and the hope for love is shaky. This dramatic tale of one women’s spiritual journey to discover love is, at times, despairing. No hope in sight.

A healer, visionary, and guide, arrives on the scene to offer light. But then, darkness senses potential and wants to destroy it. Something terrible happens! Eve has to go deep within and call upon all she has learned from her spiritual guide. The healer then comes in quiet whispers, visions, and dreams. Eve has learned and knows she has to move on and put the light the teacher imparts and has imparted into action. She must now go her own way and face the horror ahead.

Only by returning to centerpoint — the soulplace her spiritual guide opened with her — does she stand a chance to deal with wickedness that seeks to destroy love. It’s a story like yours and mine. We’re caught unawares by dark forces. Centerpoint . . . it’s there. Go into it. Listen to your intuition, spontaneous images that impart wisdom, and dreams that speak to what cannot be seen with everyday eyes.

We learn from our teachers, guides, wisdom stories of deep forces and human potential for life and love. Then, we must act, go our way, follow our own path, and live out our own story with all its horrors, triumphs, and potential for life and love.

Live Deeply . . . Read Daily


Soul, Reading, and the Visionary World

Soul and Inspiration

Inspiration happens from deep within the visionary world. While reading, sensing spontaneous intuitive flashes, and dreaming with vivid imagery, we experience the world of the spiritual imagination. CG Jung called the soul a vessel filled with grace or spirit, energy dramatized in literary images, intuitive flashes, and nightly visions known as dreams. Dramatic images encountered during reading and spirit-filled dreams while sleeping are inspirations from the visionary world’s wellspring known as soul.

We are soulful beings. When reading, we knock on the door of soul and quietly enter, words and story leading us to nourishment for the day. Daily reading nourishes the mind and heart as much as food does the body. I find that my soul, composed of both my intellectual mind and emotional heart, grows hungry to read. I can read myself full and satiate my literary appetite by taking an hour a day to open my books and savor words, story, and meaning.

Visions while Reading

As we settle into the beat and rhythm of reading, we enter a visionary state. It’s a trance state that ushers us into another world. That world is as real as the one in which we spend our waking hours. Regardless of the story, memories and unexpected images well up and sometimes bring us to tears or passionately convict us. Well-crafted stories open our minds and hearts to new perspectives on old problems or relax us into a sleep populated by spirits in various guises.

Spirits are archetypal, ancient energies that incarnate in the visionary/dream world. In soulful stories, ones birthed from a free flow of images from the unconscious mind, there is a world of spirits at work. They inhabit the images of the protagonist, antagonist, and supporting characters. Reading suspends the ego mind so creative energies can make their way up from the shadowlands of the unconscious and touch our consciousness. Life is better for the time taken to tend the soul with heartfelt words and mysterious narratives.

Spirits Inspire and Transform

When reading and entering the spirit world of imagination, there is potential to feel changed. Sometimes it’s movement into relaxation. Other readings mean shock and necessary unsettledness about how we have seen the world. Soul growth unsettles entrenched states of mind that now need to be examined in a new light.

Inspiration means to be filled with spirit. I remember learning this understanding in my undergraduate days studying ancient Greek. Spirits of the visionary world, what shamans and mystics call the spirit realm, are at work during storytelling and reading. Savoring a story each day is a powerful opportunity to drink from the wellspring of literary life. The soul, a vessel filled with spirit, hungers to read and discover nourishment, inspiration, and transformation out of what has once been and is now gone by, and movement into what lies ahead.

“Live Deeply…Read Daily”

Soulful Living – Peaceful Holiday

A Soulful Holiday

Yuletide calls us to a sensitive, deliberate turning within to soul. It has been associated with divinities of the hunt, psychologically referring to the search for inner nourishment. In depth psychotherapy and visionary writing, natural shifts of energy are heeded. They align us with life, the nature of things for us that can be quite different than for others. In fact, as we age and grow we become increasingly defined. Our uniqueness is, hopefully, appreciated by us and those we love.

Troubles during the holiday come when folks are pressured to get together. It’s good for us to share time with those we enjoy, those of kindred soul. And, if it is not so with others, then let that be. We do not have to get along with everyone or everyone with us – be they kith or kin. Differences can be respected. A holiday can be enjoyed.


Live More Quietly and Deeply

Dreams of patients and protagonists in my novels urge balance. When the season grows dark and cold, dreams address the need to listen more deeply and live more quietly. As friends and family do the same, harmony prevails. If not, there is discord. Family fights, friends falling out, anxiety and dysfunction set in when personal and relational limits have been violated.

In The Unholy, the church demands everybody believe and live according to rigid dogmas. In Goddess of the Wild Thing, discord and bona fide evil hit the scene when people demand loyalty. In the end, each story unfolds as people make decisions that seem small but have big consequences. Little decisions during the holidays make the difference between soulful living and high-pressured craziness. Winter bids us relinquish a year worth of rigid buildups, dysfunctional ways of living and relating. The dark and cold draws us within, to the warmth of a quieter and deeper life.


Quietude Births Consciousness

The visionary story that is our life is an evolution of decisions made and lives affected. We stand the chance of making soulful choices that bring peace of mind as we take time for quietude and turning within. Let this Yuletide be one of quietly enjoying yourself and those of kindred soul. Let the holidays usher us into realms of the imagination and intimacy through reflective living, relating, and reading. Let the dark womb of a soulful interiority be our realm this season so that soon a new light of consciousness may be born.

“Live Deeply…Read Daily”