Destruction, Chaos, Surprises!

2020 birthed a new metaphysical thriller—Goddess of Everything!


In the mystic land of Aztlan del Norte, a realm of supernatural happenings and unexpected turns of fate, psychiatric healer Gabriél de LaTierra encounters appalling evil within the Orphanage of the Holy Innocents. Children disappear for reasons kept secret by Mother Juana de la Cruz, Superior of the Nunnery and the Orphanage.

Love for Mother Juana, Gabriél’s widowed mother turned religious superior, clouds her devoted son’s mind. Consuela, Gabriél’s wife, confronts his wall of denial. Torn between love for mother and wife, Gabriél turns inward.

It is Consuela who propels Gabriél’s discovery of the nighttime blood sacrifice of children in the desert, a centuries-old ritual that imparts immortality to Mother and her nuns. Gabriél is further enraged by Mother Juana’s vengeful attack on Consuela and her kidnapping of their four-year-old son, Cuauhtémoc. But his actions will determine whether Consuela and Cuauhtémoc live or die, and the fate of Mother Juana de la Cruz.

Goddess of Everything is a blood-curdling tale of the affection of one mother for her son and her son’s struggle for truth, freedom, and love.

Metaphysical Fiction Births Everyday Surprises

Reading stories about the unseen world sharpens our psychic senses. Goddess of Everything . We’re transported into realities behind day-to-day life. Spiritual dynamics operate behind the scene, whisper in our ear, tug at our heart, affect us for better or worse. If we pay heed, take care, and proceed carefully then inevitable surprises turn bad stuff into the stuff that refines us like iron shaped by the blacksmith.

Motherlove can be good or goes south when it’s devouring. Take a literary whirl into the dark side of one mother’s love and a son’s surprise at discovering the true identity of the Goddess of Everything. The story will forever change the way you see mothers, love, and decisions.

Be safe, be well during this time of worldwide crisis and remember . . .

Live Deeply . . . Read Daily





Dreams, Visionary Horror, and Covid-19

Dreams and Covid-19

My literary research jettisons out of personal life experience, clinical psychotherapy, and dreams. Patients have suffered cruelties at the hand of the dark side of life. They hid their suffering, or they’d be shamed. Today, amid the Covid-19 crisis, people are shaming people. Patients report nightmares of rampant disregard for social distancing, mask-wearing, and avoiding nonessential activities. Low-minded individuals let down their guard and consciousness about human welfare and safety. Nightmares kick in in terms of actual infections soaring and the unconscious mind reeling against the darkness in human nature. People are scared. Dreams confirm their right to be scared— people want to disregard what is good and safe so they can do as they please. It’s scary.

Visionary Horror and Covid-19

Reading visionary horror resets the mind. My novels focus on the horror of the dark side of religion, but power is power. Whether in the realm of religion, politics, business, or family power is at work. It can be good or bad. The one that wins depends on the one fed. That’s the horrifying reality brought close up and personal in the reading of visionary horror.

There are scary things in life. Read, live, and get real about scary things. That includes Covid-19. Dreams and nightmares got your back. Be open and they’ll speak to you, confirm there is dark spiritual dimension behind bad things in life. The Covid-19 crisis, the crisis of religion gone bad, and the megalomaniac politicians’ crises are scary things in life. They spring from bad seeds of hatred, sown, and nurtured.

I’ve been criticized for writing visionary horror to teach psychological truths. Folks have said I should just write stories without having an agenda, a moral in mind. Hogwash! We all have agendas, and mine is to help us all see clearly and live as healthily and safely as possible. Visionary horror takes daily happenings, dream scenarios, and cold-sweat nightmares and charges them up into hyperreality. Then horror births visionary potential for consciousness and transformation.

Unseen Dimensions During Covid-19

William James, the father of American Psychology, wrote that an invisible dimension affects everything in life, daily happenings, decisions, and determines one’s destiny and fate. In everyday life, the supernatural is subtle. As for the Covid-19 crisis, bad politics, and the dark side of religion, they fundamentally spring from spiritual contagion. Our world, politics, economics, and religion are out of balance. Hateful attitudes have been loaded at toxic levels into our heads and psychic bloodstreams. If we close our eyes and pretend it’s not real, then we’re complicit.

Images and metaphors in visionary horror are powerful conveyances of truths. Truth loaded into visionary horror affects us whether we realize it or not. Images stream into our psychic bloodlines and make their way into our attitudes, perspectives, and emotions. Getting onboard a visionary thriller is a potent dose of psychological medicine to blow out mental pathways of denial. Bad things happen to innocent people. The right literary medicine lets us see clearly, so we stand a better chance of being good and decent human beings.

“Live Deeply…Read Daily”