When Mother Love Goes Bad

   Artist Kiki Smith got to the heart of the creative process (WSJ 3.2.19) “I often don’t like what I’m doing,” she says, “but I try to follow it through. It takes you where it wants to go. In hindsight, it always has something that has to do with your life. You hopefully learn something from it.”
   Learning from works of art—painting, music, sculpture, books—takes an open heart and mind. In writing, I too try and follow through even though I’m hesitant and sometimes frightened. I have a new book, Goddess of Everything, near readiness for shipping off to my editors. I am scared.
   Goddess of Everything is a supernatural thriller about mother love gone bad and the need to break free. No one thinks mother love can go bad. Maybe the book is too much, I fear. What if folks are offended, put off by the notion? I know there are stories like Mommie Dearest, and others dramatizing wicked mothers or stepmothers. But, what if the consequences of not breaking free of mother love gone bad take supernatural twists and turns into dark and destructive places?
   The fact is, we want mothers to be good, we run and run and run from the truth when the truth is bad.
Everything is on the line with mother love gone bad. Everything means life, sense of self, relationships. If a mother can be bad, especially if that badness is hidden by good manners and charm, then there’s a definite problem. There is psychological turmoil, self-doubt, and we start run, run, running from truth. We run until our world becomes topsy turvy crazy and weird happenings pop out of nowhere to convince us of what must be faced.
    Goddess of Everything is hot, bubbling, about ready for edits and for us all to pause, read, and hopefully (in the words of Kiki Smith) learn something from it—a message sizzling right off the supernatural hotline!
“Live Deeply…Read Daily”

Inspiration Comes When We Need It Most

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Inspiration comes when we need it most. Just when we’re on the verge of giving up, it meanders into our mind. Other times, it rushes forward like the north wind. Trusting inspired thoughts and intuitive flashes opens the door for them to come more frequently.

The written word is a mighty source of inspiration. Words, scenes, and characters linger with us. Watch, wait, and sense. There’ll be a tug for the next book you need to read, the one that will provide just the inspiration your thirsty soul needs. But, you need to be open and watch, wait, sense and follow through.

I remember when I read Dancing with Air by Uvi Poznansky. The story pulled me toward and into it. I wasn’t sure why, at first. Then, as I settled into the narrative, I got it. It’s about love, how it lasts, and how critical appreciation is. Before we know it, things can happen. Everything becomes confusing. And, then we realize what’s going on, what we’ve had all along, and we’re appreciative. I needed that message, that inspiration.

Now, I’ve felt the pull toward The Merkaba Mystery by Iva Kenaz. Actually, it been calling my name for a while. I love her writing, the visionary inspiration in each of her works. Esoteric lore and a mysterious place of transition set the stage for this metaphysical novel. I’m not sure what’s in it that lures me, but it’s there. And, I feel the draw. It has a message for me, and I’m open and ready to hear it.

Next, Maria DeBlassie’s, Everyday Enchantments: Musings on Ordinary Magic and Daily Conjurings, always touches my soul. I pick up this volume regularly, open it to any page and find inspiration for the day. It sensitizes me to things, little and big, in daily life I so easily overlook. They are the details, the wonders of nature and relationships we take for granted. When I finish a section, my inner sight is cleared and I see and feel more deeply.

So, let something good come your way today. It’s there. It’s trying to. Let’s open our mind to the possibility of a new book for fresh insight and guidance. You know how much we need it. Stories and inspired writing gives us new insights and fresh energy for the living of a life that requires much and also gives a great deal. But, you need to be open and watch, wait, sense and follow through.

“Live Deeply . . . Read Daily”