Top 10 Tips for Writers

Top Ten Ideas List for Writers with Books on Fire Tours pops out some inspiration for those in the literary craft. When writers hit a wall, there’s hope. Here’s a few of the insights that work for me. Give them a try and see what speaks to you.

  1. Really evil characters make the world a better place!
  2. Really evil characters teach us mind numbing, transformative lessons!
  3. Really evil characters lay the groundwork for what’s good around the corner!
  4. When the good characters meet up with the bad ones, their light shine bright!
  5. Really good characters have flaws that make them stronger if they let them!
  6. Really good characters exist in life, story, and always take you by surprise!
  7. Bad and good keep life going and us growing!
  8. Good and bad are the yin and yang of effective story telling!
  9. Don’t stay good, don’t stay bad, stay both and you got a thriller!
  10. Once you’re done with the book, you’re done, and that’s fantastic!