Sensitivity is Your Superpower

Odd as it sounds, we learn the most from our mistakes. That’s why I write metaphysical fiction. It goes into the dark side, and mistakes are made! Sometimes they’re glaring – horrifying. But, with an open mind, we learn as we go and hone our sensitivity. So then, everything we go through and learn from in our reading becomes a learning experience. Sensitivity – our superpower – grows!

Metaphysical fiction supercharges our senses. As my patients in psychotherapy learn over time, the human psyche helps us enter realms of mind that we wouldn’t otherwise venture into. In Goddess of Everything, there’s an opening into shocking views of motherhood and religion. One reviewer said, “We see the dark underbelly of both.” Dark underbelly seeing is incredible. If we let ourselves peer into darkness, our sensitivity to darkness and light is sharpened.

I can’t help but wonder how many times in a day we flee from facing darkness. We suffer from toxic positivity. Or, other times, we’re addicted to negativity. Both take us out of ourselves; we lose ourselves in saccharine sweet positivity or doldrums negativity. Reading metaphysical stories awakens our superpower sensitivity. It’s balanced and sees the light and the dark. It sensitizes us to darkness and paths to light. We have a fantastic opportunity to escape toxic positivity and negativity addiction by entering into the imagination, reading, and emerging changed up – maybe just a little, or maybe a whole lot. Either way, it’s good.

Crafting metaphysical thrillers, as Amazon says, is my literary gig. They’re loaded with trickster mischief and magic. They offer images, symbols, and stories we need to get through life. They’re literary/imaginative openings to hope, change, and growth. I know the snarky, curmudgeon, readerly sorts think books should be heavy, dense, and life-consuming. Others, story whales they’re called in the book world, want stuff to ingest and ingest and ingest, one book after another. Well . . . I’m not the writer to read for either curmudgeons or story whales. My gig is what one colleague (psychotherapist/author) described as a writer who keeps you “reading long into the night.”

So, consider a superpower sensitivity booster with a metaphysical story. Inspirational metaphysical horror (how’s that for a term?) is a relatively small niche for readers willing to open up to new worlds of mind. It’ll be a literary trip unlike you’ve ever taken. So, if these words speak to you, touch something in your mind and soul, then check out the world of metaphysical stories and prepare yourself for an unleashing of trickster mischief and magic!

Live Deeply . . . Read Daily