Visionary States and Crisis

Visionary states are often prompted by a crisis. Today may bring challenges, unexpected events. If so, they’re part of the story our day and weave into the overall story of our life. Sink deep, reflect, wait for the vision-the meaning beneath the problem. And, remember, all stories have a beginning, middle, and end. A good attitude goes a long way to making it through stress. It will pass. Meaning lasts.

Happiness comes and goes, meaning lasts. There’s always meaning if we wait, listen, and understand our problems. They could be relational issues, personal doubts, or unexpected roadblocks that leave you fumbling in the dark. As a psychotherapist and writer of forty years, I’ve seen and written about crises and how dreams and visions come to our aid. They speak a symbolic language.

One person told me, “An old friend I haven’t seen in years came to me in my dreams. They looked at me and wanted to get close. I held back and don’t know why. It’s troubling.” We explored the dream symbolism (as do the characters in my metaphysical novels), and I asked, “What was this person like?” He answered, “They were a backstabber. They’d draw me close then hurt me, hurt me bad.” We explored how this applied to them and their life.

“Ahhhh….so, the dream is having me face up to the backstabber in me. It’s the way I set myself up only to go down the same old dead end that leads to pain. I do it over and over.” I confirmed that the dream person symbolized their inner dark side, a saboteur. They understood that dreams (visions while sleeping) speak a symbolic language, providing light in dark places so we shift our thoughts and make better decisions.

One afternoon in meditation, I had a vision. Before meditating, I talked to a publisher who wanted to bring my novels under their imprint. Mental space opened during meditation and I saw the publisher working in a poorly lit and grungy space. I was repulsed, turned and walked away. The visionary guidance was clear. My attitude changed and I moved forward in a better direction.

So, every night dream and every day meditate and you might experience meaningful, life-changing visions that hone your attitudes. Read thrilling visionary/metaphysical stories that propel you into archetypal worlds replete with powerful energies and guiding lights. Your life will be changed by dreams, visions, and visionary fiction. It’s a trip into the unconscious mind that razzles and dazzles conscious attitudes for the better and for transformation.

“Live Deeply…Read Daily!”  

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